Pakwan Menu : Soups ( Continental )

Sabzion ka ras
₹ 120

*Stock of garden-fresh vegetables.*

Dal palak shorba
₹ 160

*Tangy lentil and spinach soup tempered with Indian herbs and finished with a dash of lemon juice.*

Badami shorba
₹ 175

*Almond and cream soup.*

Tamatar dhniy ka shorba
₹ 175

*A mildly flavored tomato soup with a hint of fresh coriander and royal cumin.*

Sweet corn soup
₹ 185

*Creamy sweet corn thick soup*

Lemon coriander soup
₹ 175

*Diced vegetable clear soup flavored with lemon & coriander.*

Veg clear noodle soup
₹ 195

*Slippery noodles in a hot soup with chinese vegetables.*

Manchow soup
₹ 165

*Finely chopped vegetables in a soup, topped with fried noodles.*

Hot & soup soup
₹ 165

*Sour & spicy vegetable thick soup.*

Cream of mushroom soup
₹ 175

*A creamy broth, with earthy, exotic mushrooms from the heart of italy.*